Saturday, July 28, 2012


A tradition with the group that I hung with at convention was for a first time roomie to receive a "Build-a-Bear!  After luggage was unpacked, gifts exchange, and lunch on chicken balls, the group headed to Gateway Mall to pick out my bear and for others to spend their gift certificates from Rhonda Smith.  OMG!!!  Did I ever have a ball bringing my bear, who I name "Prissy" to life!

Had to add tons of love to her heart.

  Prissy is introduced to her proud Auntie Rhonda!

As you can notice, she is lacking some much needed clothing!  That is when the real fun began!  I was like a "kid in a candy store" outfitting my little Prissy with top, bottoms, matching shoes, and of course, I had to shield her eyes from the bright sun with matching sun glasses.

After we left "Build-A-Bear" we headed to Dear Lizzies Boutique and Bistro, Shelli's favorite shoppe, for afternoon tea and more shopping.  You know what that meant, we had to outfit our bears in the appropriate attire. . . . so more shopping for party wear!

 Below, Prissy is all dressed up in her new outfit with matching sandals, sun glasses and bows, anxiously waiting for her "coming out " tea party!

   Tomorrow:  "The Coming Out Tea Party"

Thank you for stopping by today!

Y'all come back now!!!

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