Monday, October 1, 2012

Scrappin' Kit Stampin' Party

I was so excited after my stampin' party the other night, because two of my stampers over came their fear of cutting their paper for their cards.  Usually one of their friends does all the cutting for them!  Now they are ready to conquer the "cutting" world.
We used the Razzleberry Splash Scrappin Kit to create 4 cards of their choice.  I gave them the kit, uncut and pictures of sample cards they could make.  Then they were on their own.  Of course, I was having so much fun watching  the ladies having fun creating their own cards that I forgot to take pictures until the end.  I was able to  capture these two, thrilled with their accomplishment of the night. . . . over coming that fear of cutting paper.

The ladies had plenty of supplies left  to continue making their cards at home to share with their friends.

This is what stampin' is all about, sharing what we love, and seeing others loving it as much as we do!  And. . . seeing the smiles on their faces when they are successful!!

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